Florida Times
Neighbor Watch Captain Shoots 17 year Old Boy

By Cameron Herbert

SANFORD FLORIDA -When 17 year old Trayvon Martin walked out of a convenience store with Skittles and an ice tea on February 26, 2012, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman saw him. He called the cops and started chasing him down. After the cops told him not to go after the boy he still did and then eventually shot him. George Zimmerman claimed he was defending himself but that doesn’t make sense if he was chasing after him. On the 911 call Zimmerman made while chasing Treyvon you can supposedly hear Zimmerman say a racist slur and hear Treyvon screaming help. Florida police haven’t yet arrested Zimmerman because of the stand your ground law in Florida.

Remembering to do what is right. 

Bullying is unfair and one-sided. it effects the person being made fun of negatively and nothing should be said to someone to make them feel bad about themselves or lower then you.

Please remember the HIB law.  Any bullying, even on-line, is not only hurful, it's also illegal.  If you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all!

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From Sixth to Seventh

The Transition

By: Claudia Steiner​​

Get Ready for the Leap

The big move. It’s coming for you sixth graders. Most of you are probably looking forward to graduating the sixth grade, enjoy summer, and continue on to seventh grade. The anticipation of a new grade is likely just beginning to occupy your focus and attention. You’ll no longer be known as the babies of middle school anymore, but more respected and mature students of our school. Be nervous, and excited you should, but there are a few key tips to remember when stepping from sixth to seventh grade.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

While many of the perks of being an older middle school student are nice, there are some expectations that are more seriously enforced when taking on the second year of school.

• You’re more accountable. Once you’ve already experienced an entire year of the new school, authority figures and teachers assume you’re familiar with the general code of conduct and how to abide by it. Ergo, failure to oblige by its regulations can result in more severe disciplinary actions, and a rap sheet, so to speak. Prepare to not be cut much more slack, and expect consequences when agreements are breached.

• A larger workload. Some students might say that seventh grade is the toughest year of middle school. This can be true, especially in terms of homework. Sixth grade’s homework definitely is a big step up from elementary level work, but the amount of work continues to grow, almost exponentially. There will be a few times you’re swamped. That’s not to say you need to clear your schedule for next year, but anticipate a few skipped plans or extra-curricular activities.

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Many seventh graders would preach that this year is a bigger commitment than the last year, though you’re not to fret! There are solutions to every difficulty experienced. For instance, behavioral issues can easily be improved. Faculty members understand that this a challenging time of adolescence, so they may even meet you halfway in some circumstances, so long as you make a sincere effort to do your best in school and be respectful, responsible young people. In addition, there are various adequate work ethics and regiments that coincide with incorporating homework, projects, and studying, into a hectic schedule. Lots of teachers are even willing to help you coordinate a proactive planning system, and give you assistance on their own time.

A Promising Upcoming

As long as you keep in mind the useful points listed, you will be absolutely fine. Remember that a new year can be the start of something great. It can be your opportunity to be a more improved, better you, with a newfound sense of direction, if you let it be. Know that you don’t need an aptitude for success, just one for trying new things. You will most likely stumble quite a bit on your path to success, but like they always say, “what’s a journey without a few bumps in the road?”

​​​​The Man Who Made Computers Fashion Designing

By Sasha Aronson

Geniuses. We love them and wonder at them. How do they know this stuff? E=mc2. Who knew? I wouldn’t have known. We often consider geniuses as inventors who start a new age. Steve Jobs (1955-2011) made computers beautiful. Like Thomas Edison, he reinvented the computer. Like Edison, he created a new age for the most advanced thing. I mean I love my (family’s) IPad. Its slick and a larger than life device. Most people say that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the light bulb. We know that he’s not- but since he made the best and cooler one, he gets the credit. Same with Steve Jobs, but should he get that same title? This, I think is a bigger loss than when Bill Gates must do the same (pass away). I mean, would you mourn more about Humphrey Davy, (the original inventor of the light bulb,) or Thomas Edison?
Steve Jobs’ life at first was a failure. His first misery was being a dropout in college. After that, he was sleeping on friends’ couches every night. He sold Coke bottles for money because he was broke. One day he tinkered with some computers and he made what we now call a “masterpiece.” That day silently changed him and consequently the world of technology.
Almost all wealthy people contribute to a cause to help the world. Steve Jobs never did. Was he a cold-hearted genius? His contribution to the world was simply technology. The question is however, whether or not it was his fault. Jobs’ sense of mortality had been hovering around him ever since he got cancer. Maybe he just needed to focus. Would his mind set have been different if cancer wasn’t a problem? Questions galore, we’ll never really know.

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 Flowers to Algernon
Have you ever thought of the chance of a surgery that would make you smarter? Flowers to Algernon is about just that presented in an assortment of daily entrees written by a man named Charlie Gordon who, at the age of 32, had an IQ of 70. He decided that he would be part of a risky experiment in which scientists made a man have a larger IQ. It has never been tried before by a human but it was proven successful on a mouse named Algernon, so it is very important that all of Charlie's emotions are noted. As you read his entrees you see how he develops from a simple, happy person to a stubborn, brilliant man.  

What does MMS truly mean? It means: we care, we work, and we succeed. This is not just about students,  but it is about staff as well. MMS is a truly great learning environment. Teachers do all they can to make a kid learn as much as they can, but it is up to the student to really want to do the work. We care because we want a good education, so we try our best. We work because we want to get the very best grades and learn the most. We succeed because we tried our best, and we did the best work possible. This is Maplewood Middle School, our school.-Andrea Johnston
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